best online nutrition certification

There are several best online nutrition certification courses you can take. Some of them are free and others have a minimal fee for a certificate, but most are very basic and do not offer interactive classes. Interactive classes, on the other hand, usually come with a fee. You should check out each course carefully and make an informed decision before registering. We’ve listed a few below to help you decide which one to choose. We hope you find one that fits your needs!

Precision Nutrition

If you’re thinking about taking the Precision Nutrition Certification, there are a few different things to consider before making your decision. This course requires you to complete 18 chapter-based exams, each with ten questions. You’ll also have five chances to pass each of those exams before you’re finished with them. The course is also fully accredited by the International Society of Sports and Nutrition, or ISSA. For more information on the requirements for the certification, see our Precision Nutrition review.

The Precision Nutrition course is composed of a college-level education in nutrition, and was developed by a trainer named Dr. John Berardi. Founded in 2002, it has helped prepare more than 100,000 people for careers in the field. It offers an online course that simplifies diet and nutrition information, and focuses on problem-solving and client questionnaires. The course includes a comprehensive workbook and study guide.

American University

Continuing your education can be beneficial if you are interested in becoming a nutritionist. The American University online nutrition certification program is a great way to learn about the industry and earn your certificate while continuing your education at the same time. This program is suitable for working professionals who are looking to pursue a career in nutrition. In addition to educating future nutritionists, you can earn graduate credit toward a professional position in the field.

The program consists of 18 credits and prepares students for work in the nutrition industry. Students gain a thorough understanding of nutrition approaches and health recommendations throughout the life cycle. Students usually complete the program in 12 months. Those who have previously obtained a nutrition certificate can transfer their credits to the MS in nutrition education program. However, you can also choose to earn this certification without a master’s degree. It is not required to have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition.

Tuft University

In addition to a traditional degree program, students can complete a nutrition certification online. Tuft University has three online certificate programs, including Nutrition Science for Industry Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Students can complete their certificate programs while maintaining full-time employment and are not required to be enrolled in a graduate program. After successfully completing the program, graduates can become certified nutritionists in several areas. Here are a few of the benefits of obtaining a nutrition certification online.

The MS in Nutrition at Tuft University is another online program. The program focuses on blending academic knowledge with application. Students participate in discussion boards and interact with faculty and peers. Students learn how to integrate context-specific facts and principles into their work, and courses are delivered in an easy-to-understand online format. Students who want to practice clinically or in a managerial capacity can choose the MS in Nutrition program from Tuft University.


The eCornell online nutrition certification program offers students a complete program that focuses on behavioral change. Students will gain the skills necessary to work in a healthcare setting as a registered dietitian. In addition, the program’s interactive, peer-reviewed content emphasizes both nutrition science and behavior change coaching. Graduates of the program have high marks for its comprehensive nutrition information, emphasis on behavioral change, and a no-prerequisite curriculum.

Students can take nutrition certificate programs at their own pace from the comfort of their homes, while still maintaining their full-time job schedule. Single nutrition courses are also available, including the Nutrition for Health and Diet course. Typically, the six-course curriculum for the program includes topics related to diet and nutrition, healthy cooking, and environmental factors. Students will learn about chronic disease and how to manage it, as well as the factors that influence a person’s nutrition and health.