In June and July, the Hall Center for Law and Health will host two national experts in webinars. The first one will be held from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 25; the second one will be from 1-2 p.m. on Thursday, July 16. Jonathan Todres, Professor of Law and Distinguished University Professor of Georgia State University College of Law, will present “Confronting Child Trafficking.”

experts in webinars

Webinars are an ideal way to reach your audience. Unlike traditional media, they allow for real human interaction, which builds trust and gets results. A good webinar platform can automate email cadence. Livestorm, for example, sends pre-prepared emails to subscribers during pre-planned intervals. This means you can focus on your webinar content, while still maintaining a consistent cadence. This way, your audience will never miss an important update.

The goal of a webinar is to build relationships with your viewers. The goal is to build trust by sharing valuable insights and experiences with them. By leveraging your webinar, you can help your audience build relationships and achieve goals. You can also share best practices and create a culture of collaboration, diversity, inclusion, and equity. You can also host live online events and invite attendees to share their experiences. You can learn from the experiences and insights of others by attending a webinar or delivering a workshop.

The most important part of creating a webinar is the promotion. Your job isn’t done once a viewer fills out a form and watches your presentation. You need to keep up the momentum after the webinar is over. This can be done by implementing a good email cadence for your future events. The email cadence is automated through a good webinar platform, such as Livestorm. The emails can be sent on an ongoing basis.

The second major benefit of a webinar is that it enables you to build a real human connection at scale. This is what builds trust and ensures success. In a webinar, you’ll be interacting with real people. It’s not only engaging and entertaining your audience, but also learning a lot about your industry. You’ll be able to connect with your audience and get them to share their stories and insights with others.

Creating and promoting a webinar is a great way to grow your audience. When you create a webinar, you’ll be able to connect with thousands of people in less time than it takes to create a newsletter. The more people who are interested in your content, the more likely they will purchase your product. And, since webinars are free, you can easily promote them using automated emails. And when your audience is ready to buy, you can let them download your eBook.

Moreover, webinars enable real human connections on a large scale. When you engage with your audience in a webinar, they can build trust and gain valuable insights. They will also learn how to make better decisions based on their own needs and wants. In a live webinar, the audience’s questions are answered and they’ll become more knowledgeable about your topic, your product, and your industry. And, they will learn how to promote a webinar on their own.

The next step in promoting your webinar is to sign up as a member of COE. You can join for free and create a profile, but to gain access to past webinars, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription. The COE’s webpage contains a list of all the experts in webinars. Once you’re a member, you’ll be able to watch recorded recordings of the sessions that have already occurred.

Once you’ve chosen a webinar topic, it’s time to promote it. Once viewers have signed up, they will be sent a series of pre-prepared emails to remind them about your webinar. The email cadence of the emails is set by the experts in webinars. You can send emails to people who are interested in your topic, or even ask them to sign up. Then, they can register for your webinar in the future.