Former executive and current benefactor of the Agincourt Food Bank, George Scorsis Florida is a man of great experience and knowledge in the medical cannabis industry. He has a history of charitable work, volunteering and financial support for various initiatives, including the opening of three dispensaries in Florida. As CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, Scorsis is committed to creating a safe, effective and efficient environment for individuals and businesses who use cannabis.

George Scorsis Florida

After leaving Canopy, Scorsis was interested in the medical aspect of the business, so he created Liberty Health Sciences, a vertically integrated company based in the largest medical state. This company was acquired by multistate operator Ayr Strategies, which is now Ayr Wellness. Upon acquiring Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis Florida became CEO and chairman of WeedMD, a marijuana dispensary that he intended to dominate the medical market.

While in Canada, Scorsis grew the company to over $150MM, and he worked closely with Health Canada to ensure compliance with federal laws and guidelines. He most recently served as president of Red Bull Canada, where he developed the company’s corporate distribution model in a volatile market. While there, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. The award-winning physician’s background and passion for medical cannabis make him a valuable addition to the Liberty Board of Directors.

Today, Liberty Health Sciences Inc. has named George Scorsis as its CEO. He brings over 15 years of experience in highly regulated industries, including the alcohol, energy drinks, and medical cannabis industry. The company’s mission is to help patients improve their mental health through the development of innovative medical cannabis treatments. This is a great accomplishment for a company with such a mission. If you’re considering joining Liberty Health Sciences, take advantage of George’s expertise and leadership.

With over 15 years of experience as a leader and CEO, George has helped companies succeed and create jobs. He has also supported various initiatives and charities, such as The Agincourt Food Bank. This is just a small part of the company’s success story. By focusing on his community, he has been able to build a successful business. And his mission is to give back to his community.

In the medical cannabis industry, George Scorsis is a renowned expert in the field. Initially, he was a Bacardi executive, and now he is the president of Mettrum, one of Canada’s first major cannabis companies. He has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of cannabis, and his success is a testament to his commitment to making the industry a better place to live.

He has extensive experience in the medical cannabis industry, having previously served as the President of Red Bull Canada. During his time at Red Bull, Scorsis restructured the company and increased revenue from $100 to $150 million. He also worked with the Health Canada to develop guidelines for the consumption of energy drinks. Most recently, he has been at Mettrum Health Corp., a $430 million company that specializes in the treatment of epilepsy and other health conditions.

With his wealth of experience, George Scorsis is an expert in the medical cannabis industry. His previous positions include CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc., which acquired a number of cannabis companies in the US. He then became the chairman of Scythian Bio Sciences Corp. and mettrum health. Both companies focus on improving the quality of life for individuals with epilepsy. He has helped thousands of patients through his work.

In his current position, George Scorsis will lead Liberty Health Sciences. The company’s CEO is a man of great experience in the medical cannabis industry. He has worked in many industries, including the alcohol and energy drinks industries. As the company’s executive chairman, George has a proven track record. Moreover, he is known for his ability to make the most out of a difficult environment. He also believes in the importance of promoting wellness for all.

The founder and CEO of the Liberty Health Sciences company has a long history of building and managing businesses. He served as President of Red Bull Canada, and rebuilt the company from topographical and operational perspectives. He built the company from scratch to produce $150 million in sales. As CEO, Scorsis worked closely with Health Canada to develop its caffeinated beverage class rules. His most recent job was with Mettrum Health Corp., where he helped mold the MettrumTM and Mettrum OriginalsTM drinks into iconic drinks.